finiks8 (finiks8) wrote in bisexual_azns,


Hey everyone! No one posts that much to this group.

anyhow, i'm going through a no guy phase right now. i want to get intouch with that femmy side of myself. i've neglected it. i think i got brainwashed into accentuating guys. my problem is i have no gaydar whatsoever and would gladly pick up on girls if i knew i wasnt wasting my time. and on the flip side. i cant seem to figure out why no one picks up on me. perhaps i dont look bi enough. i did chop my hair.maybe that'll help.erg!

i'm also moving to grass valley (hopefully.) anyone from around there?

what is everyones experience with being bi any how?

I came out my sophmore year of high school. Had a few girlfriends and faded into the straight world. There were a few girlfriends in college, but that was it. dated guys mostly, they were easier to pick up on.
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