li xu long (xulong) wrote in bisexual_azns,
li xu long

new member :p

umm... umm... I'm bi-curious... does that count? ^^;;

my friend made me read one too many yaoi h-mangas (which explains the hair as well) @_o
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Being curious counts. *hehe* Welcome!! -=0D
Curiosity seems to account for a lot of what is bisexuality. Or at least I think so. :o) That and mutual attraction for both sexes.
d00d, I didn't know you were bisexual. neat!

There is no such thing as "bi-curious", by the way. It's just a term confused people use when they are either inexperienced or just want to conceal their bisexual nature around straight people.
hey. I'm just not sure whether or not the prospect of doing something with a guy is neat or not. we'll see, huh.