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This is borrowed from Jade's lj, who borrowed it from RJ's lj, who borrowed it off of someone else's lj.

I .....
I see.....everything in it's possible form.
I find.....that life and love is very unpredictable.
I please everyone important to me.
I have.....very low self esteem.
I wish.....things were easier for me.
I hate.....when I let the little things get in my way.
I miss.....Almerce.
I father.
I feel.....fully awake right now but extremely lazy.
I hear.....Rick Dees and the weekly top 40 on my radio.
I minty fresh breath.
I crave.....nothing because I just ate breakfast, even though it's like lunchtime right now.
I search.....for the easy way out and the fastest way to get what I want.
I wonder.....if not taking back Almerce was a good idea.
I regret.....alot of things I've done in the past.
I love.....all those near and dear to me.
I be happy.
I be proportionately thin.
I am.....sitting in front of my computer as usual.
I care.....what happens to me.
I always.....check my emails everyday.
I am not.....gonna waste this sunday lounging around the house too much.
I believe.....I made the right decision.
I have what GOD has planned for me.
I the sight of blood, gaping wounds and surgery shows.
I dance.....all the damn time.
I a shot cow lying in the middle of a dirt road.
I cry.....when I get really sentimental.
I learn.....that I don't learn my lessons.
I do not always.....stick to my word when it comes to myself.
I succeed.....when I see it.
I fail.....each time I try.
I be happy everyday.
I I feel and what I've done that day in my LJ.
I all to my loved ones and then some.
I win.....when I play spider on my computer.
I everything else in life.
I never.....can do anything right.
I confuse.....everyone with my mood swings.
I everyone who needs a listener.
I can usually be RJ's house.
I am scared.....of dying and being alone and possibly making a major mistake.
I hope.....things work out for the best.
I expect - too much from myself
I lose weight so I can be normal.
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