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Hi im from Sydney Asutralia, nice to finally see that a bi asian site is up :)

I have started a bi femme asian contact group myself in Sydney, we have about 20 members so far. I think its a good idea, i have previously found that it is really hard for me to meet people with the same interests as me, particularly when it comes to sexuality. I dont know if there is a bi asian contact group in the U.S but i think it would be a great idea :) Its just a monthly social gathering for like minded people to hang out and talk.

Well I have a girlfriend...and a boyfriend.....I am 21 years old...B'day is next week!!! I love different aspects of BDSM, and sex in general. I don't sleep with heaps of people (i dont have a problem with people who do), but i tend to get alot of conflict with other people when they find out i have a girlfriend and boyfriend....

Nice to meet you all ^_^
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Welcome!! Your group sounds very interesting. I wouldn't know if there was one here in the US though.

I myself was dating a guy and a girl at the same time but the girl and I had conflicting schedules due to work and whatnot so we had to end it. I am still with the guy though and loving it. He knows I'm bi and he knew about the girl I was dating, and he seems okay with it. I'm not looking for a girlfriend at the moment but if the opportunity presents itself, I won't turn it away. Know what I'm saying??

Anyways, advanced happy birthday to you. This community tends to be very quiet for some reason but then again it's fairly new. Anyways, welcome again!! -=0D

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